Single-component membrane and cement-based polymer adhesive designed to waterproof and install floors and coatings in balconies, terraces, terraced roofs and bathrooms in a single process and with a single product. As an adhesive it is extremely deformable (category S2), making it ideal for high-performance technical installation on substrates with high mechanical stress and exposed to severe operating conditions. Coating for protection against carbonation of reinforced concrete elements. Professional use only.

Materials that can be bonded

  • Single fired tiles, double fired tiles, majolica, cotto
  • Stoneware, porcelain and marbled stoneware, clinker
  • Cement terrazzo tiles
  • Natural stones, not absorbent and not subject to efflorescence
  • Glassy mosaics

Coating and protection of

  • Concrete elements
  • Micro-cracked plasters
  • Fibre cement panels

Final use

  • Terraced roofs, terraces and balconies
  • Bathrooms, laundry rooms, changing rooms, shower stalls
  • Swimming pools, tanks, canals and reservoirs
  • Façades of buildings
  • Spas


  • Conventional cement-based screeds
  • Ready-to-use screeds with fast drying
  • Concrete
  • Panels in fibre cement and plasterboard
  • Lime and cement or cement-based plasters and mortars
  • Existing ceramic floors


waterproofing, single-component, extremely deformable, multipurpose
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